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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another

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Real Issues

I posted this in the comments over at BlogsCanada and I wanted to have a copy for myself:

Harper's move (ammending a bill to require the Liberals to resign) is rather clever: essentially Martin said his government will resign in, more or less, eight months...Harper just wants them to move the date up.

There are, no doubt, issues of greater significance than Adscam. For example, the fact that Quebec was entirely duped by the Liberals in the last referendum and that election funding laws were broken by the federalist side on an organized basis. Which is leading to a strong surge in the support for the PQ and the possible breakup of the nation.

Which is the Liberal Party's fault.

Which strongly suggests that they should immediately resign and allow people untainted by the slime to try and repair the awful damage caused to the nation by the sheer arrogance of the Liberal party.

Right now the greatest issue facing Canada is the continuation in office of a party which ran roughshod over the democratic rights of the people of Quebec.