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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another

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The Ambler

Kevin Grace is having none of the softsoap:

I'm watching CTV's coverage of the Budget vote, and I can't believe what I'm seeing and hearing. Strike that. I can well believe it. It is entirely typical of this doomed country. What is at stake this afternoon is not the budget, nor are the partisan consequences of vote particularly important. The issue here is whether Parliamentary government will survive in Canada. And no one—not Lloyd Robertson or fellow zombie Craig Oliver, nor any of the meat puppets they've selected to smirk and nod their heads, Deb Grey, Joy McPhail, Stan Keyes—gives a toss about this.
the ambler
Is this extreme? Well yes; but the performance of the Liberal Party in the last two weeks has made a mockery of the most basic premises of Parliamentary government. While there may be silver linings for the Tories at a political level, Canada and her Parliament have been raped, again and again, so that little men might continue in office.

And our media simply stood and watched and suggested that anyone who objected to the rape needed to practice their anger management skills.

Update: Darkness Visible: I am not at all sure I agree with Kevin Grace's summing up. The problem is that I cannot find any of the dark things he says about Canada's descent into a gangster state actually wrong. Nor do I think he is wrong when he predicts a PQ government in Quebec and a solid Yes vote to a clear question in a soverignty referendum.

The contempt the Liberals have shown for the Constitution of Canada, our traditions and our Parliament may very well result in the end of our nation.

Yes, it is that serious.