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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another

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Boris Johnson writes in the Telegraph,

The corporation is a cultural and political anachronism, locked in a pre-1997 mindset. It is also, of course, rather wonderful. The reason that it is so immensely politically powerful is that its Leftist message is subconsciously legitimated by association with things that we love and cherish and make us proud to be British: the Archers, the Shipping Forecast, "Lillibulero", Doctor Who, the Proms - the list is endless. How could anyone possibly attack such a thing? BBC political bias is like the arms dump once hidden in the Parthenon. You could blow it up, but it would be an act of cultural vandalism for which future generations might not forgive you.
And so I thought to myself, where is the CBC's Parthenon?

Hockey Night in Canada? Funny, we have survived without it and it could and should be done by a private boradcaster in any event...And then, well.

CBC-2 Radio. But this could be run by all of twenty people. What about the rest? For a billion a year - which you cannot even opt out of, as you can in England by not owning a TV - for what??