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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another

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Cancer...Great Poltical Tool!

Having worked for Minister Herb Dhaliwal, and been privy to much of the dirty and underhanded techniques used against him by the Martinite crowd, TDH Strategies agrees with the validity of citing the fact that cancer, or any other illness for that matter, has never mattered to those surrounding the Prime Minister.

Manipulation in terms of voting? Ensuring certain members of the other side aren't present? Bending the rules to work in their favour? Naw, none of us that have been in the Liberal party for many years have ever witnessed that...

If you're going to stand on your record, then you must be ready for it to bite you right in the ass. This is one of those occasions.
tdh strategies
And, as Kevin at Tilting at Windmills points out,
Ed Broadbent reminds us yet again why we'll miss him:

A report in the Canadian Press says New Democrat MP Ed Broadbent has volunteered to not vote in order to help a sick MP.

"We're not losing anything," Broadbent told CP. "What we're doing is failing to take advantage of a very sick MP."
tilting at windmills
Not that there was any need for more reasons not to vote Liberal; but if there is any truth to the story that the slime were phoning around to try and determine when Stimson was set to have surgery it would be evidence that they are personally as well as politically dispicable.