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The CPC's media problem

Bob over at Let it Bleed has a good post on the need for the CPC to take the campaign past the client media of the Liberal Party - CBC/CTV/Global/Canwest/Toronto Star.

Direct mail, email, websites, print ads, media appearances by MPs, radio ads, TV ads... whatever. Go around the media. Get the message directly to Canadians. And do not shut up about it. Ever. Some shmuck at CBC Radio asks a question about whether Stephen Harper is too "angry" to be PM? Cool. Respond by talking about CPC plans for reforming the criminal justice system. Or healthcare. Or R&D investment. Or whatever.
let it bleed
As part of that effort, the second tier Tories like Monte Solberg should be promoting the hell out of Tory bloggers. As Bob points out there is not much chance the CBC is going to change so the job is to make the CBC less and less relevant to the mental landscape of voters. Blogs can help. So can podcasts.

But, and here's the take away for CPC bloggers, straight partisanship "Tory Good, Grit Bad" blogging is a waste of time. As our American friends demonstrated, blogs have to build the medium's credibility before they are going to change much. And part of that credibility comes from being able to constructively criticize your own party as well as the crooks in the Liberal party.