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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another

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Dithers in Adscam up to his eyeballs (?)

The forensic accountants said the Finance Dept. was responsible for 115.19 million in sponsorship. Not Paul Martin's Finance Dept., Right?
Nah! If it was his Dept. he would know about it and tell us about it. Right? But he doesn't know about it, so it can't be his Dept.
m k braaten
Braaten is doing a great job live blogging and analyzing the Kroll report. One of his commentors has found this nugget. I am putting it up with a question mark because I have not seen the quote.

If it turns out to be true one of two things is also true. Dithers knew about sponsorship all along as his department spent roughly 1/3 of the money. Or, Dithers knew nothing about it in which case he is and was willfully blind.