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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another

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Election, What Election?

According to the Calgary Herald’s Grant Robertson, since Paul Martin’s address to the nation on April 21 (just eighteen days ago), the Liberals have announced over $22 billion in spending initiatives. That’s $1.24 billion a day. Ministers are being paraded around the country; there’s no press conference too small, no photo op too dull for the Grits these days. If little Timmy wants a new bike, no need to wait until Christmas, just ask the federal government. He’ll get the fire-engine-red twelve-speed, plus a visit from Transportation Minister Jean Lapierre—with a promise to spend $2.5 billion on bike-path infrastructure starting in 2012.
Jonathan Montpetit, mediascout, Maisonneuve Magazine
One of the pleasures of my day is Jonathan Montpetit's email news roundup. Montpetit often irritates me; but that is a good thing.