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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another

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Fickle Finger of Guite

Chuck Guite's testimony is out.

He fingers Martin in a rather round about way,

When he was still finance minister, Paul Martin was one of three cabinet ministers who intervened to make sure that a Toronto ad agency wouldn't lose its lucrative government contracts if it was to be sold to a foreign conglomerate, the Gomery inquiry has been told.

The startling claim linking the prime minister to the Adscam scandal was made at the inquiry headed by Mr. Justice John Gomery by Chuck Guité, the former head of the federal sponsorship program.
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Scott Reid out of the PMO denies this categorically. Of course Guite is under oath and Reid is a PR guy; but no matter.

This does not look good for Martin but it is not, in my view, a smoking gun. Basically Martin seems to have been indicating that, prima facie a change in ownership of an ad agency would not disquality it from government lolly.

The real Martin action is likely at Earnscliffe.

Needless to say there is a whole lot of rather nasty stuff in the Guite testimony and Andrew Coyne is rooting it out as well as noting Canadian media reaction.