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One Damn Thing After Another

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French Loser Blames English

Government sources are braced for the French president to round on the Prime Minister and blame him for making the constitution too "Anglo-Saxon" on economic issues and for plunging Europe into crisis as a result.

The French people go to the polls on Sunday

They also expect Mr Chirac to launch a fresh assault on Britain's £3 billion rebate from the EU budget.

British diplomats believe that Mr Chirac will call for France, Germany and other nations to form a "core Europe" in which they can push ahead with integration without being held back by laggards such as Britain.
Much of the French disagreement with the proposed Euro Constitution arises from its terms promoting competition and markets which the French Left sees as opening the door to globalization. How delightful to have this seen as too Anglo-Saxon by an economy which is mired in demographic and productivity decline.

At two hundred pages one might suggest the very length of the proposed document suggests it is not Anglo-Saxon enough.