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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another

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The French Meltdown

And when they do they get nasty:

Former Socialist Minister of Culture and Education Jack Lang, one of the most eloquent proponents of a Yes vote on the left, brusquely called upon (French Prime Minister ed.)Raffarin to keep his mouth shut: "You should go into hiding. Let's be honest, every time you make an appearance we lose two percentage points."
The majority of the Left see the Euro Constitution as leading to globalization which is much hated on the farther shore of French socialism.

The proposed constitution itself is something of a brick, which has not deterred the French,
The text of the constitution, more than 200 pages long and by necessity a balancing act of political juggling, has become a bestseller in France, with book stores selling copies of the document by the hundreds of thousands.
As I have been reading reports on the Euro constitution I have been struck by just how detailed and how centralizing the document is. Which would assure the Non's of my vote Sunday.