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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another

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Going down....

"If we form government we would get the most popular elements of that budget into a Conservative budget," Solberg said.

One Liberal MP said his party sees the budget as their best chance of surviving the election.

"That's the only strategy we have," said the MP.

"If (Conservatives) talk about ethics, we'll turn it around and say, 'Was it ethical to defeat a budget that spoke about health care, the environment and seniors?'

"If we're going to go down, we might as well go down on the budget."
The Liberals can count. They are aware that they are going to be defeated at some point in the next couple of weeks. It is really only a question of when.

Now, they are trying to run the argument that if they go the Budget - replete with NDP bribes - will go too. This is supposed to scare Canadians.

Which is hogwash because the week after the Tories take power they will be in a position to introduce a Budget of their own which can, if they determine it is a good idea, incorporate such elements of the Liberal Budget as seem reasonable.

The scent of desperation is becoming a stench...