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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another

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How Conservatives Win

successful conservatives don’t move towards the ‘political centre’. They move the political centre towards them. That’s what Thatcher and Reagan both did. Whereas if you move towards the political centre, all you do is move the centre.
mark steyn, the spectator
Before the CPC is a real political party it will have to recognize the truth of this statement and stop chasing the center.
Conservatives win when they champion ideas. They win in two ways: sometimes they get elected; but, even if they don’t, their sheer creative energy forces an ever more intellectually bankrupt Left to grab whatever right-wing ideas they figure they can slip past their own base.
mark steyn, the spectator
Other than being against SSM for no particularily good reason, it is difficult if not impossible to think of a single genuinely new CPC position, much less, "idea".