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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another

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It's not non-confidence, we weren't really trying

The absence of two Liberal Cabinet Ministers from the confidence vote is being cited by some commentators as support for the idea that this was not actually a vote of confidence.

Why Irving Cotter and another were absent is a bit of a mystery; but no matter. The fact was that the Liberals lost a vote which was a direct measure of the will of the Commons. The "not really trying" argument is simply grasping at straws.

The confidence of the House of Commons can be tried at any time on any vote: if the government of the day cannot win that vote it follows that, so long as the issue of confidence is embodied in the motion before the House, the government has lost the confidence of the House.

If the Liberals insist on fighting the hook it will simply demonstrate how arrogant this nomenklatura has become and how necessary it is to throw them out on the street where, with luck, they will be disposed of by the garbageman of history.