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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another

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Lord Saatchi gives advice indirectly to Harper

He writes: "The lesson of the campaign we have just fought is that the mere promise of efficiency is not enough to persuade people that you would be an efficient government. Mere anger at the problems of the world we live in is not enough to convince the voters that the Conservative Party is fit to solve them."

The Tories identified the problems of modern Britain well enough, he says. "The thwarted talent, the deplorable failure of Blair's public service reforms, the waste of taxpayers' money, the obscenity of poverty compounded by taxation. But we did not raise the horizons of the British and tell them with sufficient optimism, excitement and passion what 'should be'. This was a tragedy of failed communication and false perception because no Tory politician cares more about 'what should be' than Michael Howard."
the telegraph
I blathered on in the last election about the need for the CPC to offer a positive alternative. I expect the problem will be even more significant in the upcoming election. Beating Dithers is about more than yelling "corruption" hourly.
The mantra of the Thatcher years was: "The best reply to full-blooded socialism is not milk and water socialism, it is genuine Conservatism. We shall do what we have said we will do - set the people free." And so began the 20-year intellectual hegemony of the Conservative Party; triumphantly crowned at the end of the century when its old adversary made the historic announcement that Labour, too, would adopt Conservative economics.
maurice saachi, the telegraph