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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another

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Mader gets it

The current gang of crooked SOBs and sorry worthless yes-men who sit in the House of Commons under the Liberal banner do not enjoy the confidence and support of a majority of the House of Commons. Any claim to govern in the aftermath of today's vote represents a direct assault on the notion of parliamentary democracy. Parliamentary democracy stands and falls on the deference its participants give to tradition and principle. Today, the Liberal Party of Canada, through its Members of Parliament, has cast aside tradition and principle. Today, parliamentary democracy in Canada has been rendered a sham.

See what we have now: a collection of MPs representing a minority of the House of Commons continue to exercise executive power - spending money, passing Orders-in-Council, representing the nation abroad - despite being unable to pass basic legislation. In some countries that's called a coup.
david mader, mader blog