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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another

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More recently, it has been intended to create a European entity powerful enough to serve as a counterweight to the United States. But the recent accession of Eastern European members with pro-American instincts has undermined the counterweight idea. If anything, the growing size and integration of the European Union may be a counterweight to Gallic anti-Americanism. As a result, Europe needs to find a motor for integration that can replace French nationalism.
washington post
While anti-Americanism drove the Non vote it is really not an answer to the trouble which beset the non-Anglo Saxon members of the EU. Pretending that the world is locked in the 1960's and that France is a great, or at least, economic, power is not going to cut it.

One interesting speculation is that England might well take the rejection of the EU constitution as the opportunity to quit the increasinly irrelevant Community and set out to forge a social and economic path of its own. Not likely; but an interesting prospect for the Anglosphere.

I note the deafening silence from the domestic anti-Americans who, a few months ago, let their Bush psychosis suggest to them that the Euro was about to bury the US dollar..."In general I'd go to Euro and Swiss Franc denominated investments" Ian Welsh,January 31, 2005 The Bogging of the PresidentThey might want to check out this chart of the Euro v the USD since that advice was tendered. The term "downtrend" was coined for this sort of thing....