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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another

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Newsweek Koran Fib Aftermath

Much to Juan Cole's dismay it turns out the Koran desecration story - which seemd to have woken up the proverbial Muslim "street" true or not - is not, acutally, er, true. Dan Gillmor has a suggestion,

I'm starting to think that unnamed sources who lie like this should be outed. No, this is not a call for journalists to break their promises. But maybe we should tell people who demand anonymity that they will be outed if it turns out they lied. This would undoubtedly lead to fewer stories based on unnamed sources, but it might also lead to more honorable journalism.
Which will not do much for the dozens of people killed in the predictable anti-American demos the story occasioned; but it would be a start.