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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another

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No Blood for Votes!

Canada is finally and belatedly doing the right thing with regard to Sudan. There can be no doubt that the events in Sudan constitute genocide. I've argued previously that Canada has a Duty to Protect an inescapable moral obligation to defend the innocents of Darfur.

The fact that we're sending soldiers into combat to secure the vote of David Kilgour, and in so doing, increase the chances of survival for the Martin regime, is obscene.
joel fleming
I stole the headline from one of Joel's commentors. Frankly it made sense to send Canadians about a year ago. If we had something by way of a serious rapid deployment Special Forces regiment the Sudan would have been a great place to send them. But to send even one Canadian soldier into harms way to prop up the corrupt Liberal government is, as Joel puts it, obscene.