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No, I mean high speed internet

With friends like that, who needs colocation facilities? Seriously though, I pay several hundred dollars for a 5Mbps downstream/768k upstream package from Time Warner. With the $199 Verizon package, you can get 5Mbps of upstream server bandwidth, which would let you serve almost 40 128k MP3 streams, or over a dozen 300Kbps video streams. This kind of upstream bandwidth is also sufficient for you to hook up your TiVo or PVR to the network and watch it in full quality in some other broadband downstream location. (While DVD bitrates are sometimes 6-8Mbps, the bitrates for PVR video are usually in the 2Mbps range, and DivX/Xvid movies are usually under 1Mbps.)
silicon valley watcher
Which, if I read it right, would mean you could send high quality video from your own home. A boon to cam-girls but even more interesting for citizen media and video pod casting. Legacy, MSM, will have competition.

Just for fun, imagine a daily political geeks tv show with Coyne, Kinsella, Lorne Gunther, Colby Cosh and Dr. Spook all dumping on the Liberals from their particular perspective from their computer rooms.