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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another

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Not Quite Pearson...

Prime Minister Paul Martin has set May 19 for a vote on the federal budget that will also decide the fate of his Liberal minority government.

Martin made the announcement on Wednesday after holding an emergency meeting with his cabinet.
From which it follows that the vote last night was indeed more than a procedural motion otherwise there would be no emergency...

But the Grits are so contemptuous of Parliament that they are willing to ignore the Peasonian precedent and hold the confidence vote immediately. A point Harper gets,
Harper rejected Martin's commitment to a May 19 budget vote, challenging the prime minister to stop delaying and have the vote Wednesday.

"If the government wishes to have a confidence vote, it can do so today, immediately."
What is weird about the Liberal's antics is it is not obvious how they are going to help the party. The Labrador bye-election is not until the 24th. So the Liberals know they are going down. Why postpone?? Do they really think that the Goodale/Layton/Hargrove budget is that exciting?