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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another

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An Offer You Can't Refuse

Murphy goes on to say (to CPC MP Gurmant Grewal), "In advance of that explicit discussions about Senate, not Senate I don't think are very helpful and I don't think can be had in advance of an abstention tomorrow."

He says discussions could be held later.

"You can easily say, if you don't like, you can stay home or stay back where you are or if you do like we can make an arrangement that allows you to move."
politics watch
Coyne is all over this. But, and I break my rule not to link Kinsella, Warren Kinsella asks the essential question.
Canada, and Canadians, deserve better than this. If you are a Member of Parliament - or you know someone who is - listen to that bit of tape, and ask yourself:

Is this what it has come to, at long last? Is this what we deserve? Is this what we are going to get?

And - most of all - isn't it time for a change?
warren kinsella
Ok, I've emailed Chuck can too at

It looks to me as if it is going to come down to Chuck and he needs to know that there are an awful lot of Canadians who have had enough.