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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another

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Oh Shit!

In an explosive development leading up to Thursday's dramatic budget vote, Conservative MP Belinda Stronach has crossed the floor to join the Liberal Party as the new Human Resources Development Minister.
globe and mail
You'd have to be much more of a CPC supporter than I am to see this as a good thing. No doubt it will be spun that way.

It does have a couple of interesting implications. First, it gives Harper a way out of defeating the government on Thursday. Given the way in which the polls are running, or rather sloshing around, this may be a very good thing. Second, it removes yet another roadblock to the socons running away with the CPC. Which I think is a terrible thing but may be a necessary step before the CPC is ready to govern.

On Further Thought: I have said a number of times that the CPC's stand on SSM may well cost them the election...It may have already.
"I respect deeply the moral positions that some of you may have, but I cannot bring myself to support a status quo that says to another citizen that he or she cannot enjoy the same civil rights I already have," she says in a statement posted prominently on her web site.

"This is just not fair."
stronach webiste, quoted in globe and mail