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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another

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So a tired, corrupt, oldline government clings to power in the face of a democratic vote demanding its resignation. Greg Staples allusion to the Orange Revolution in the Ukraine is not an exact parallel; but it is suggestive.

However, what the Tories have to do, and what they do not seem to have the stomach for, is to actually get out and campaign to force the government's resignation. The CPC is so afraid of scaring Ontario voters that it seems incapable of seriously challenging the Liberal's right to govern. And that is what it is going to take - a vote and then some clear action which underscores the complete illegitimacy of the Liberal Party and the Dithers government.

One means would be to boycott Parliament until the next Opposition day, which the Commissars are promising for, more or less, the end of May. Go out and campaign and simply refuse to engage an illegitimate government in any activity other than votes of confidence.