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Jay Currie

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Partisan, Non-Partisan

Rather like an association of anarchists the idea of a non-partisan blog alliance may be a contradiction in terms. However, I have to admit that I have been politically homeless for years and when James Bow set up the Blogging Alliance of Non-Partisan CanadiansI figured I'd sign up.

Most of the members so far are people who I disagree with at various levels. This seems to me to be a good thing. While the CPC bloggers are often fun to read and the Progressive Bloggers entertaining if anly to see how they can manage to spin the latest bit of Liberal pandering, both groups seem to ignore the critical need to avoid the echo chamber when blogging. While I am always delighted when people see the light and agree with every word I say, I don't learn very much always reading people I agree with.

So good for James Bow for setting this up.