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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another

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See the item below

The federal Liberals would consider ignoring a House of Commons defeat should they lose any of the several coming votes that are matters of confidence between now and the end of the spring session, Chief Government Whip Karen Redman says.

Although no final strategy has been decided, Ms. Redman said the government could respond to a defeat by bringing in a motion on whether the government has the confidence of Parliament to make sure MPs actually want an election.
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And this confidence vote would be scheduled when? Well when there were sufficient Liberal MPs (and bribed NDPers) in the House to defeat it and not a second before.

Ms. Redman is reaching back to the Pearson precendent which Coyne demolishes here. One might call this the "no elections by mistake" rule. A rule which convieniently ignores the defeat of the Clark government on a counting "error".