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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another

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Time for the whistles, noise makers and white scarves

The House passed a motion that opposition parties claim should topple the government – but the Liberals have dismissed it as nothing more than a procedural matter.

The motion passed by 153 votes to 150 on Tuesday night.
Conservative Leader Stephen Harper votes on the motion in the House of Commons Tuesday.

All 99 Conservative and 54 Bloc Québécois MPs voted for the motion calling on the public accounts committee "to recommend that the government resign."
The House of Commons has clearly expressed its lack of confidence in the Liberal Government. When a government loses the confidence of the House it resigns.

If it does not resign it is up to the Queen - or her representative - to either disolve Parliament or call on a leader who might enjoy the confidence of the House to form a government.

If, as I suspect will be the case in this instance, the GG declines to do either it is finally up to the people to throw the arrogant swine out.

Further proof of the Liberal Party's unfitness to govern is surely unnecessary.