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TV is sooo Slow!

Over at Tech Central Station Glenn Reynolds writes up the Nashville Bloggers Conference. He talks about making money from blogs, which is slowly happening (mine makes at least a quarter a day). But he also suggests that video may be the way to go.

So I downloaded the video interviews Glen did. Here's the problem: video is so linear. You have to wait for people to say things. No skipping ahead.

One of the key advantages of the internet - and blogging in particular - is that you get tons of infomation instantly in a non-linear fashion. If you have read this far you are actually interested in this entry...but, if you are not you have long since skipped to another entery or another blog.

The ever clever Moses Znaimer of MuchMusic/Bravo....fame, once pointed out that information has now become a flow. Linear information has been replace with an ongoing flash flood.

Video, even cleverly consturcted and edited video, requires the user to sit through the whole thing. My sense is that this is exactly what the internet was designed not to do.