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Jay Currie

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An Urban Conservative Approach to Childcare

Early childhood is one of the most important periods of a child's life, but governments spend one-fortieth per child at this age than they do on older children. This is old-style thinking; clearly our childcare system needs to be changed. There are three ways we can do this. The first is by making it easier for a mother or a father to choose to stay at home to care for their children. The second is to help parents in finding and paying for privately-run daycare. The key for these two options is to make both of them affordable and equally accessible, by doing the following:

- eliminate any tax inequities between single and dual income families;
- allow the deduction for dependent children to be taken from the highest income-earner;
- amend the income tax act to remove all tax disadvantages to families, including those who care for children at home;
- acknowledge the economic value of stay at home parents by introducing income splitting;
- General tax relief for all parents of young children.
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The third, needless to say, is to have th government do it.

This is the sort of platform thinking which the CPC should be banging away at. Not only do they need to slam the Liberals for seeing early childcare as best done by the state, they also have to address the very real concerns parents of young children have.