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"Urban Conservative"

Don over at All Things Canadian quotes the Ottawa Sun on Keith Fountain, the new CPC nominee in Ottawa Centre.

Tories have elected a self-described "urban Conservative" who supports gay marriage to run in the historically left-leaning riding in the next federal election.
Keith Fountain, 40, won the Conservative nomination handily at yesterday's meeting at the Glebe Community Centre. He defeated party veterans Idris Ben-Tahir, an information scientist and pupil of John Diefenbaker, and Guy Dufort, a lawyer with Heenan Blaikie who is also a former president of the Quebec wing of the party.
Fountain joined Canada's Foreign Service in 1990 and helped to open Canada's embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan in 2003.
He says the key element of urban conservatism is giving people choice in their personal lives. Unlike many in his party, Fountain says he supports same-sex marriage.
all things canadian
I couldn't be happier. And Fountain gets it right - a key element in the urban conservative project is giving people choice in their personal lives. Or, put another way, keeping the government out of those personal lives.

And, yes, Fountain has a blog which you can find here.