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Where's the money???

From section 7.3.2 of the Kroll Report, a sample contract is deconstructed.

Out of a total of $46.32 million:

* $460,000, or 1%, went to sponsorship
* $8.34 million, or 18%, went to actual work done
* $26 million, or 56%, went to "unrelated or unknown parties"
* $11.52 million, or 25%, was unspent or the invoices were not found

Quite enlightening. 1% goes to sponsorships. 18% goes to work. 56% goes to stuff unrelated to sponsorship. And 25% they can't even find.
angry in TO via Kate
If this does not wake the electorate up nothing will and the Liberals will get a pass on looting the nation for $100 plus million dollars.