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One Damn Thing After Another

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Whose Money is This???

Dated Feb. 18, 2004, the memo describes "the intergovernmental co-ordination group" being set up in the PCO, the nerve centre of the federal government, under the proposed direction of bureaucrat Guy McKenzie. However, the summary and attachments are mostly blanked out, under section 23 of the Act, due to "solicitor/client privilege."

The office's operating budget now totals $1,068,000 after its first-year budget of $534,000 in 2004-05 was renewed for a second year, according to Hali Gernon of the PCO.

Ms. Gernon said the office has a small staff of about "four or five" employees and since June, 2004, has been under the direction of lawyer Ursula Menke, the former deputy commissioner of the Canadian Coast Guard and inspector general of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service.

Claiming "solicitor/client privilege," PCO did not release any of the meeting minutes or briefing notes of the co-ordinating committee in response to the Access to Information request made by Ottawa researcher Ken Rubin.
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Sadly this will be under the MSM radar but a)who is the "client" here?? b)is Dithers sufficiently implicated in Adscam that he needs legal advice, c)why is the Government of Canada rather than Dithers paying for such legal advice if it is required?

And that is just the beginning. Who authorized the expenditure of a million bucks? How can an office of four or five people cost a million bucks? Are Canadians getting any value for their money??

When will the Liberals be defeated?