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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another

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Wisdom from a Carbuncle

Now, back to the struggle. The next few weeks will be the test for Stephen Harper. Is he tough enough for the job? Is he smart enough? It's time to take it to the people. Hit the streets, Stephen. Pull a Martin and go on every talk show and every radio program you can find. Do interview after interview. Stop talking about Adscam. We'll do that. We're all over it. We've got your back. Tell the people what you want the country to look like in ten years. Tell them what you dream about. Offer hope and vision. Don't ask people to like you, command their respect. Let us hear about what Canada could be doing in Darfur. Talk to us about freedom and responsibility. Give us your promise on personal tax cuts. Stop being cowed by the media. Stop insulting the intelligence of Canadians by assuming that we really want every thing the sickening Liberals are throwing at us.
occam's carbuncle
With or without Belinda this is critical advice. Right now Harper looks shell shocked. He's playing some sort of weird little game about voting for and then against the Budget (and yes, I and two hundred thousand politcal junkies know it is two seperate bills - the vast majority of Canadians don't and could care less.)

He needs to look as if he is in charge and ready to run to implement a real vision of Canada. Trying to outwit the Liberals at tactics is like trying to beat Rommel in a tank battle - but remember who Rommel was fighting for. For the Tories to gain traction they need to slash to the philosophical core of the Liberal Party...and engage Dithers at that level. The platitudes which pass for policy in Liberal land can and should be laughed at as hard as the Press Gallery laughed at Martin as he announced Stronach.

Ridicule is the best weapon against a tired, disreputable Liberal Party. Harper should use it.