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Yo, Elections BC

Kate over at Shotgun mentions:

That's not sitting well with bloggers like Mike Culpepper of Nelson, whose website advocates the "no" side of the referendum on the single transferable vote. He says Elections B.C.'s definition of blogs as advertising is akin to calling a letter to the editor advertising. And he says that going after bloggers sends a chill over the right to free speech. "If you start looking on each person as an advertiser, then you begin to suppress political debate."

In the meantime, Culpepper says other bloggers who have asked Elections B.C. for guidelines are being told to register as advertisers - so he's decided not to ask.
I'm not going to register either.

But, so as to make the point, I'm voting for Campbell and urge other to vote Liberal this time round. I am also voting against the STV.

I will be forwarding a copy of this post to Elections BC.