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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another

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I'm wondering how we get Canadians to vote for Conservatives, and not just against Liberals.

I keep coming back to Stephen Harper yelling "me too" to every promise the Liberals made. Maybe what I'm about to suggest is a recipe for disaster, but shouldn't the Conservatives have a different agenda from the Liberals? Shouldn't their platform be no Kyoto, no nationalized daycare, low taxes, less red tape, and no obligation to follow up on any promise the Liberals made?

At least the agenda would not be hidden.
angry in the great white north
It is not Harper who is the problem pace Adam Daifallah rather it is a Conservative Party which is so scared of being scary that it has decided to be nothing at all.

I am reminded of Alan's earlier observation:
The Liberal Party is the heavyweight champion of western politics. They defend well. They attack ferociously and opportunistically. They have one thing on their minds, one purpose - winning. To beat a champion like that, you can't dance around the outside, peppering jabs and avoiding punishment. You have to throw combinations in convincing fashion. You have to look the part. The judges will give it to the champion every time unless they see something decisive to change their minds. The Liberals may be a bit paunchy. They may have lost a step. But they're tough in the clinch - not at all averse to throwing a low one if they can get away with it, and they still have that famous knockout power. Better hit the gym, Mr. Harper. Hit it hard. And study the tapes. All the Adscam in the world isn't going to land your overhand right for you.
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