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21 songs per iPod

Are all those iPods empty?
APRIL 28, 2004 - Today is the one year anniversary of the iTunes Music Store. As of April 15, Apple had sold roughly 60 million iTunes and 3 million iPods (sources below). That's about 21 songs per iPod. For perspective, the smallest iPods hold 1,000 songs, and some hold 10,000 songs. So, when people fill up those iPods, where does all the music come from?
I've written about this various places. The folks at itunesperpod have a decent idea of how to get money to the artists by way of, well, an ISP levy of $5.00 per month. while people can argue about the actual amount, the reality is that artists do need to be paid and this would do it. (hattip boing boing)