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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another

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Are We Ready Yet?

Since then, the credibility of the tapes has died the proverbial death of a thousand cuts, as media organizations have gotten forensic audio experts to weigh in on whether the tapes were sliced and diced to make Grewal look better and the Liberals look worse.

Any professional political outfit would have had Harper hold the press conference with Grewal, release the entirety of the tapes, unaltered, untranslated and unedited, and then announce that the master copies were going into the hands of a respected, independent third party who would be responsible for turning them over to law enforcement officials.

But obviously we're not dealing with a professional political outfit here.
edmonton sun
No, indeed we're not. It is difficult to imagine a more inept manner in which to treat potentially incriminating evidence. The bright sparks at CPC headquarters surely realized that there would be material on the tapes which made Grewal look like a slime bucket. Which should not have been the point because the import of the tapes lay in the fact they prove - and continue to prove - that the Liberals are so desperate to cling to power that they were more than happy to lay on the comfy fur for any CPC slime bucket who might be thinking of defecting.

A point which the Liberal would have had a hard time answer had the CPC simply released the tapes.

Nice to see the Sun is picking up the idea the CPC should have turned the tapes over to an independent person...wonder where they heard it first?