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Jay Currie

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Blogging the Euro "Non" or "Nee"

But those opposed to the constitution found the internet in general and blogs in particular as one of the ways to get their message out, he said.

"Proponents of 'No' have said the mainstream media have been shamelessly in favour of the 'Yes'. They said the internet was the main area where the democratic debate can take place," he added.
In the last Canadian election blogs played a relatively minor role. We were out there banging away but there was not a lot of readership and the MSM had not really realized the blogs were there.

This time I expect it will be different. In particular, the Blogs Canada E-Group, Andrew Coyne, Paul Wells, Cosh, Kinsella and the assorted blogging alliances will all be putting an oar in.

The carefully structured photo ops and stump speeches for the 10:00 news filtered through properly accredited journalists are not going to be the only voices heard. This has the potential, in a close fought race, to create a dynamic out of the control of the political and media elites.

However, to do this bloggers from all parties and no party, need to be promoting blogs, their own and others, to the hordes of Canadians who don't know we're here. I suspect we have about six months.