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Conservative Childcare

The Conservatives will propose direct payments to all parents, combined with new tax incentives for companies to expand daycare in the workplace. Ambrose wouldn't say how much parents would get under the new social program, promising the details will be made public when Harper formally announces the scheme sometime in the next few weeks. But she defended the core strategy of giving parents money to spend however they like. By funnelling money to the provinces only for regulated daycare, she argued, the Liberals are doing nothing for stay-at-home parents, or for working moms and dads who leave young children with relatives or in unregulated care. "The only equitable way, the only universal way, to address this issue is to give the benefit directly to parents in the form of cash,"
Now, assuming for the moment that Harper does not screw this up by suddenly thinking it will spook the two Ontario voters left who might support the CPC, this sounds like a decent plan and one which could underscore the difference between the CPC and Liberal visions of Canada.

Not that this is new to readers of this blog as can be seen here.