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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another

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Crooked or Dumb....You Decide

Nowhere in Liberal talking points distributed to MPs Wednesday are these tactics disputed. Instead, Liberals are told to stress that the tapes are suspect, no explicit offer was made, Grewal approached the government and Grewal's personal credibility is nil.

While agreeing the Liberals have been caught with their hand in the cookie jar, many other Conservatives reacted with public ambivalence and private vitriol to their colleague's ruse.

Sources said there's deep distrust of Grewal in caucus and his future in the party was limited even before this incident.

He was taken to task at caucus Wednesday and told his actions were dishonest, wrong and brought disrepute to all politicians.
As usual the Liberals are dispicable but effective.

The dumbos in the CPC form a circle and shoot...How dumb is it possible to be. At least Harper seems to have some clue,
"The Liberal party has denied in the past they attempt to buy off members of Parliament. They lied about that," Harper said following a national caucus meeting.

"What the tapes of Mr. Grewal show is exactly the process they use . . . . Frankly, the only issue now is why they continue to lie about what they've obviously done."