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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another

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The, er, Saudi Insurgency

Biden, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee's top Democrat, gave no specific numbers, for foreign fighters as a whole or for the percentage from Saudi Arabia. He said he was told repeatedly that the totals are going up and that Saudis are ''a disproportionate number.''
Part of the Bush administration strategy in Iraq is to improve living conditions and security for ordinary Iraqis and thereby reduce support for the homegrown insurgency. That calculation won't work with foreign fighters, Biden said.

''If you turn on lights, get the air conditioning running and clean up the sewage, that ain't going to have any impact on the jihadist coming across from Saudi Arabia with a bomb strapped on his stomach,'' said Biden, who has made five trips to Iraq since U.S. forces overthrew Saddam Hussein a little more than two years ago.
miami hearld via harry's place
So a bunch of Saudi jihadis are blowing themselves up in Iraq. Joe Biden sees this as a negative and indicative of an inability on the part of the Bush Administration to fight the war effectively. Is it? The fact that the so called insurgency is reduced to suicide bombings strongly suggests the coalition and, increasingly, the Iraqi's themselves, are getting a handle on the situation. And, if Biden's information is correct, that the "insurgency" is using Saudis to wear the bomb belts suggests that it has run out of Iraqis dumb enough to blow themselves up in a lost cause.

So what is Joe's point? As near as I can tell it is that there are foreigners coming to Iraq to blow up Iraqis and this is a problem. Yes. Indeed. And it is a problem which the Iraqis will deal with simply because they will get sick of the carnage those foreigners inflict.

Far from suggesting that the insurgency is doing well, Biden's report suggests it is at the end of its rope. Because now what there seems to be in Iraq is an attack on Iraqis run by a Jordanian and staffed by Saudis. Hardly a popular uprising.