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For My CPC Friends

The Telegraph is running a series of policy papers from a ginger group in the British Tory Party,

What is peculiar to Britain, however, is the inability of the right-of-centre party to capitalise on the anti-government mood. On the Continent, Right-wing parties have traditionally positioned themselves as defenders of local traditions against the bureaucracy of the state - champions, so to speak, of the little man against the government inspector. But in Britain, uniquely, the right-of-centre party is seen as more centralist than its rivals.
Not just Britain...

The heart of the proposal is this:
Conservatives need to adopt a Self-Denying Ordinance. They must dispel the notion that they are interested simply in office and convince the country that, rather than grasping at the levers of control, they would push powers outwards and downwards. They should be guided in all things by three principles.
# Decisions should be taken as closely as possible to the people they affect;
# Law-makers should be directly accountable;
# The citizen should be as free as possible from state coercion.
Were the lamers in the CPC to take on this sort of commitment and actually run with it they would leave the Liberals without a reply. Dither's can talk about the "democracy deficit" until he is even redder in the face; but he is to much a part of the machine to do a thing about it. Harper, if he would forget about SSM and keeping the fundies on board, could bang around at this individual rights, decentralist message until he had actually managed to establish a real difference between the tired, corrup, old gang of the Liberal Party and a new vision for Canada. (And, as a bonus, radical decentralization is almost certainly the only option which has even a forelorn hope of keeping Quebec engaged with Caanda.)