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Grewal Buckets

There is a good deal of speculation about the identity of Buckets' Grewal given the press attention he (or they) have been receiving. I could care less about the identity but thought it worthwhile to note the sheer professionalism and understatement which characterizes the site and its commentary.

By not overstating its position Buckets has quickly gained a lot of credibility on the Grewal tapes. "Just the facts." is not quite the motto, there is a bit of spin, but the spin is minimal.

Can one person, or a few people, get together to tackle one issue in a non-partisan manner? Yes, although the blog entries in this site have been very one-sided. Could one person, or a few people, really be that motivated to look that deeply into one issue? Again, I think it's possible, although I don't know what the motivating factors could be.
right ho!
Good questions. But the answers lie fairly deep in the ethos of the blogosphere - the time honoured tradition of "fisking" - names after the delightful and virtually never accurate Robert Fisk - is the process of a detailed annotation of a particular piece with which one disagrees or which one knows to be wrong on the facts. It is an art and one best practiced with restraint and only the occassional sarcastic blast. Then there was the Rather case where bloggers pretty much proved that memos purporting to bring President Bush's service record into disrepute and which CBS aired only a few days before the Presidential election, were forgeries. Buckets' is using many of the same skills to cast doubt on the Grewal tapes with a fair degree of success.

This would not have been possible had the CPC had the wit to handle the tapes properly and with a degree of candor. Having read the various transcripts it seems to me that the material in the tapes is entirely damning for the Liberals. No, it does not reflect well on Grewal; but, so what? Grewal is not in Cabinet and is not in the Prime Minister's Office. His conduct is not in issue. But the clumsiness of the CPC has put Grewal's conduct and the entirely irrelevant question of how and to what ends the tapes and transcripts were edited in the spotlight allowing the Liberals to creep back into the shadows where they are most comfortable.