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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another

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How much is denying gays equal rights worth???

4.5 billion...

Canadians will get more money for housing, education and public transit, but no same-sex legislation — at least not yet.

That's the likely result of jockeying between the Liberals and the Conservative party. It means the Tories will drop their opposition to an NDP-inspired spending package worth $4.5 billion in the expectation that legislation approving same-sex marriage in Canada will be delayed.

The Tories say the scenario is the subject of talks with the Liberals, though Liberal officials deny there are any such negotiations in the works. But shifting political priorities suggest that Bill C-48, the Liberal-NDP budget package, will be approved by MPs before the House of Commons adjourns for the summer next Thursday.
the star
It is difficult to imagine anything which underscores the intellectual and moral bankruptcy of the CPC more completely than if this story turns out to be true. Frankly, it is enough to make me think of joining the Flea and voting for the corrupt bastards in the Liberal Party simply so that the Tories are not just denied my vote but might actually lose a seat to the Liberals because of that vote.

Fiscally irresponsible and against equal rights...Perfect.