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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another

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In Which Mr. Trebuchet Meets Pooh for the first time

footnote 3: *I* deleted the comments from "The Invisible Hand". (I am assuming it was Jay Currie who was posting) I did it, because I had been asked to delete any comments from people who were not there to add to discussion about Grewal gate, but there to engage in stupid ad-hominem attacks. I deleted the comments from "The Invisible Hand" on the grounds of, "ad hominem tu quoque". I am well prepared to defend myself from charges of hypocricy put forward by Jay Currie. But it's got nothing to do with Buckets, or the proof of the lies, deceptions and fraud perpetrated by the CPC in this affair.
pooh, blank out times

Well Pooh, being prepared to defend and defending are, indeed, logically rather different.

So why did you delete the comments and, pray, when did Buckets hand you the keys to the kingdom and make you Blogspot's version of a site admin.

By the bye, the hypocrisy I am interested in is the deletion of comments and posts without acknowledgement of there ever having been there in the first place. I am quite willing to countance changes to blogs to maintain focus; my point being that if you are in the business of suggesting that tapes are being edited in a particular manner it behoves even a bear of very little brain to make a note of his elisions. (Else that bear will be compared to the incomparable Kate which is a fate I rather suspect our bear would prefer to avoid.) Indicating the elisions, or, indeed, not making them at all, would have saved Grewal rather a lot of bother and kept the focus on the stench of corruption emanating from the regions infernal of the PMO.