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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another

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Is this guy Paid???

Instead of 1,000 teenaged girls with diaries, the blogosphere is more like 1,000 grumpy dads watching the 6 p.m. news and complaining that the world is going to hell. Remember that the next time someone tells you that blogs are the future.
globe and mail
Ivor Tossell has discovered,
But the amount of original material on weblogs is surprisingly low. The Internet is always turning up new writing talent, but most weblogs fill up space by pointing to items on other weblogs and adding their own two cents. It amounts to an awful lot of commentary, and as it happens, the seed is usually an item from the hated mainstream media.
globe and mail
Now, Ivor, if you take a look at the Globe and Mail how much of the material is original? Do Margaret Wente and Jeffery Simpson, much less full on geniuses like Heather Mallick and Leah McLaren, do original reporting? No, they comment on material which tends to be generated by a few Globe and Mail reporters and wire services.

Bloggers now have the access to the wires. And, they have access to more than one wire, plus all that commentary from other newspapers, television stations, online magazines and their fellow bloggers, RSS feeds, a television and Lord knows what other resources.

Most importantly they have access to and know about the interests and expertise of their own blogging community in which a great deal of highly original work is being done. Go look at my blogroll. Virtually everyone on it writes original commentary. It may have its roots in the news which moves over the wires, but Kevin Grace or John Robson or Nick Packwood are original voices.

Ivor, who a quick Google search turns up as about 22 and an ex-editor of two UofT student magazines would appear to be playing the much loved role of the "grumpy young man" for his media betters. So, hey, Ivor, get a blog, join the party and stop whinging.