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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another

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Katzman on the Left's non-reaction to Mugabe

Besides, lighten up! Mass forced starvations aren't just a catastrophe, they're an important neo-Marxist tradition! The poor guy is just trying to be part of the club with his comrades in Russia, North Korea, North Vietnam, China, Ethiopia, and Cambodia. Really, it's all just a differently-relevant culture with its own distinct narratives to cherish as it joins the global rainbow struggle for social justice and equality against the global patriarchical capitalist henegmony. Anyway, don't you know the evil U.S. regime is killing Iraqi babies and serving them at White House banquets with hoisin sauce?

In fairness, some of the liberal commeners here over the last year or so appear to be happy to put a bullet or three in Mugabe. They just haven't thought through the implications of their European idols' inaction for the entire premise of their foreign policy approach. If not the USA, who will bell the cat? Overthrow and/or partition is actually an operation that could be executed with just a few thousand troops, as long air and naval support was there.
Joe, along with many of the rest of us, wonders when the left is going to wake up to the black on black genocide by starvation currently occuring in Zimbabwe.

If Canada had a foreign policy (as if) and armed forces (yeah, right) we could actually be in a position to help overthrow Mugabe and prevent the deaths of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people. We could do it in concert with other, middle, powers and we could do it with or without the sanction of the United Nations.

More to the point, we should do it.