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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another

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More Grewal

buckets' Grewal serves up a tasty slideshow demonstrating that a) what was cut from the originally released tapes was substantive, b)that there is no question that there was a deal being discussed, c) that the tapes could have been released unedited.

This last point is worth bearing in mind. Whoever edited the tapes was not terribly clever. The material which was cut and is now restored is mainly more of the same, tawdry, exhibit of venial men making corrrupt promises to subvert democracy in Canada.

Why bother? What Grewal says in the excised bits does not alter the essence of the dealing and neither side of the transaction looks any the less sleazy.

The unfortunate truth is that the CPC had a smoking gun and then, for reasons unknowable, decided to look down the barrel and pull the trigger, just to see if all the bullets were spent.

Chalk up another "x" in the dumb column for the Tories....Sigh.