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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another

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No Voters, No Problem!

anecdotal evidence from all over the country indicated a very low turnout, as of late afternoon. Despite this, the mullahs trotted out rosy reports of big voter turnouts, and even broadcast "live" TV coverage of voters queued up, waiting patiently to make their voices heard.

The only problem was that the pictures were from past elections. One woman called up a Tehran radio station to say that she was sitting at home watching the tube, and saw herself voting. Very droll indeed.
michael ledeen
There is strong evidence that Iran's voter turnout for the Presidential election was a rigged flop with only 10-20% of the eligible voters turning up at the polls. No surprise here.

What this suggests is that the mullahs have lost what little support they have had with the general population of Iran. This, in turn, means the mullahs may be able to fix elections with impunity but that the elections will begin to mean less and less in terms of the actual legitimacy of the Iranian government.

At some point, and that point may be quite soon, the ability of the mullahs to actually, rather than theoretically, govern may begin to crumble. While they will still have the Revolutionary Guards and the other assorted militas and thugs to enforce their will, the ability of the Iranian middle class and the young people in Iran, to effect regime change will grow.