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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another

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Odious Little Man

Two thousand leaflets attacking gays and lesbians have put a Christian activist in western Canada under investigation by Edmonton police for hate crimes.

The flyers by Bill Whatcott of Regina refer to gay marriage as "sodomite marriage" and use graphic language to describe the alleged sex practices of homosexuals.

The handouts also used derogatory terms to describe federal Defence Minister Bill Graham.
Whichever form of Chrisitanity Whatcott subscribes to I cannot imagine that it includes stuffing nasty little pamphlets into people's mailboxes.

However, that is a largely theological matter and if Whatcott's whacky, nasty, belief system demands that he publish and distribute this vile material then, frankly, that is, or should be, his right.

Not so says the pointy end of the human rights Taliban,
"The material is offensive and it's an affront on the basic tenets of our society, which is about multiculturalism, tolerance and peaceful co-existence," Const. Steve Camp, of the Edmonton police hate crimes unit, said.
This is wrong in oh so many ways. First, since when is it the job of a policeman to comment on the political implications of evidence seized in a criminal investigation? Second, since when have "multiculturalism, tolerance and peaceful co-existence" become "the basic tenets of our society"? I would have thought that "free speech/freedom of assembly/freedom of religion" would have occupied that high ground.

The disgusting Mr.Whatcott is engaged in an act of political speech. Political speech with which I completely disagree; but not nearly so much as I disagree with a policeman telling us what constitutes a thought crime here in Canada the Good.