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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another

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On your Bike

"Everyone will come here with their own agendas, but for me it's all about the fun," says a man we'll call Kurt, a 25-year-old math student who, for reasons that will become obvious, asked not to have his name used. It's 10:30pm on May 27 and, amid the Friday night crowds, he's standing buck naked at the Bloor and Spadina intersection. There are four other naked and semi-naked men there too, with their bikes.

By the end of the night, a run-in with the police will leave Kurt and the others worried that their seemingly harmless act of cycling activism will cause employers and friends to think they're potential sex offenders. But for now he's smiling and having a good time.
Outstanding, Torontonians, desperately searching for a life, are riding their bikes naked...and people suggest I'm just a little anti-Ontario for suggesting various area codes are a tad intellectually challenged. (via the flea of course, go click one of his really cool google ads)